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By Created & KB 619

Welcome to another Eminem album! Now, there's no time for bullshitting around, I’m going straight to reviewing the album. This is our first album review, so cut me some slack. My new blog-partner, KB, helped me with the review. Now pop in the album or unzip the folder; however you prefer you’re dose of audio heroin! Now let’s go…

  1. Cold Wind Blows

Blam! The first verse is here to kick you in the nuts! I hope you like punch-lines and complex rhyming patterns, because if you’re expecting another Relapse, you’re in for a let down. This is what Encore should have been. This is Eminem, doing “Eminem”.  The chorus on this track isn’t amazing, but it works. It reminds me of something that could have been on Relapse. This is a good intro song in my eyes, because this album is very lyrical and the track gives you a good sense of what to expect. Also since it sounds like something that could have been on Relapse, it’s like you’re leaving Relapse and entering Recovery. So welcome!


“…Take a look at Mariah the next time I inspire you to write a song”

“I’ll show you pussy-footing/ I’ll kick a bitch in the cunt, til it makes her queef, and sound like a fucking whoopie cushion!”

  1. Talkin’ To Myself (Feat. Kobe)

Eminem’s struggle for sobriety is pretty much the theme of this album. This song explains, why the man who once gave us 3 classics, all of the sudden vanishes into thin air. With a little help from Kobe on the chorus, Eminem comes clean about the problems he’s been dealing with, the past few years. Kobe’s hook is very catchy as well, I can see this being a huge hit on the radio. I can also see hard-core Em fans not being satisfied with this. Well that’s okay, because this album has a lot more to offer. Still, this is a good song.


“…His thoughts are bottled, inside him. One foot on the break, one on the throttle/ 
Fallin’ asleep with writers block, in the parking lot, of Mc Donald’s”

  1. On Fire

This is the first, of many, “Slim Shady” style tracks on the album. This is what a lot of us have been waiting for. Dope verses! The chorus is alright, but the verses are pretty sick. Underground fans, this is one of those!


“I’m fired up, so fire up, the lighter and the dro, better hold on a little tighter here I go/ Flows tighter, hot headed as ghost rider, cold hearted as Spider Man, throwing a spider in the snow!”

  1. Won’t Back Down (Feat. Pink)

Slim Shady’s back bitch! Eminem murders this beat. Yes, the chorus is poppy, but that doesn’t hold a match to the fact that Eminem destroys his verses. Dope, dope, dope! But enjoy the song while you can, this is the 2nd single off the album, and it will be raped by radio stations all across America.


“I gave Bruce Wayne a valume and said, settle your fucking ass down, “I’m ready for Combat Man!”./ Get it Calm-Bat-Man…”

“…Need I remind you, I don’t need the fucking swine flu, to be a sick pig!”

  1. W.T.P.

W.T.P. = White Trash Party. At first, I thought this was a failure by Marshall, but a couple more listens and the track became pretty good. This is the infamous “dance track” we tend to always hear on Eminem’s albums. Not the best song, but again, not bad. Also lyrics get better throughout the song.


“…I don’t need a tank-top to be a wife-beater”

“If you belly-buttons not an innie that I’m outtie/ 
Now hop in my mini van and let’s get rowdy!”

  1. Goin Through Changes

Eminem lost a best friend, and almost lost himself. Now he’s found himself and lost a drug habit. A lot has changed in the life of Mathers, but one thing that will never change, is his love for Hailey. The beat on this track is dope and Ozzy’s chorus goes nice.


  1. Not Afraid

I think this is the first time Eminem has used a serious song as his first single. This track is very inspiring, especially if you’ve been following Em’s career. Anybody who’s ever struggled with an addiction, consider this rehab. Eminem fell into a slump. He was on drugs, his career was heading down hill, and he didn’t like the person he was becoming. The steps Eminem took, to claim back his throne were very steep, but the love he has for music, was way too deep for him to just sit back and watch somebody else take his spot. Sorry haters, but the real king of hip-hop is back.


“I’m a be, what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtedly/ 
And all those who look down on me, I’m tearing down your balcony!”

“…Cuz the way I feel, I’m strong enough to go to the club, or the corner bar/ 
And lift the whole liquor counter up, cuz I’m raising the bar!”

  1. Seduction

This is the Recovery version of Eminem’s song “Superman”, in my opinion. Now, who doesn't love to hear Eminem boast about skill and charm? Or how about being able to take you’re most prized possession (you’re girlfriend), from right under your nose! Sorry but Superman has returned, and this time he’s backed by Boi-1da, on the production! This happens to be one of KB’s, top 3 favorite songs on the album, by the way. So you may feel this song deserves a higher rating.


Homie you better get a clue/  
She’s on my dick, because I spit, better than you, what you expect her to do?/
How you expect her to act, in the sack?/
When she’s closing her eyes, fantasizing a dick, and her nails in my back, to this track?”

“Well I'm not giving up til I get my respect and I wont stop til I get enough, cuz I'm not livin up to my own expectations.”

  1. No Love (Feat. Lil Wayne)

Classic! This is one of the dopest tracks on the album, which means it will become one of the most played out tracks on the album. Wayne’s verse is dope, in fact it’s real dope, but Eminem’s verse is even better. One of the best verses he had on the album. The chorus is dope and catchy. That’s one thing I love about Em, even his mainstream tracks are fire.


They call me a freak cuz I like to spit on these pussies before I eat em/ 
Man, get these whack cock suckers off stage, where the fuck is Kanye when you need him!

  1. Space Bound

Mellow track, still dope. It’s about the mystery of trying to figure out if you love somebody. I think he’s going solo. Eminem’s verses are great, and Jim Jonsin’s production is great. The chorus is different, and out of all the poppy chorus’s on this album, this one I kinda like.

Love is evil, spell it backwards I’ll show ya.”

  1. Cinderella Man

I have a feeling this will be one of the 5 singles off the album (if they put out 5, I haven’t researched this yet). The beat bangs on this one, definitely a nice anthem. The down-fall on the track is that the word-play is very slim (no pun intended). This will probably be a favorite track among many people, but if you’re anything like me, this is just filler.


  1. 25 To Life

This song starts off with a very nice sample for the chorus. It reminds me of something Stoupe from Jedi Mind Tricks would do, it’s very catchy. The track is a story, Eminem talks about a commitment he’s made with somebody. He expresses his hate and love for them. The title “25 To Life” is a metaphor for the relationship’s similarities to a prison sentence. The chorus, beat and verses are all nice. Good track.


I'm climbing out this abyss, you screaming as I walk out that I'll be missed/ 
But when you spoke to people who meant the most to you, you left me off your list…”

  1. So Bad

The only Dr. Dre produced track on Recovery. This track is one of the weaker tracks, yet it’s still filled with punch-lines. I’m not sure on the chorus yet, leaning toward not feelin it too much. Either way, the verses are good the whole way through.


  1. Almost Famous

In this track, Eminem takes a look into the past. The verses are about his journey trying to blow up in the rap game. The song is also one of the hardest tracks on this CD. The verses are very nice, flooded with consistent punch-lines. The downside; the chorus is very poppy. It’s catchy, but too colorful for me and Kb. This song is dedicated to anybody who thought Eminem lost his touch.


Now here I come yelling “A-Tack!”, like I just stepped on one!
Anybody who touched the mic prior’s/
Not even Austin Powers, how the fuck are they Mike Myeres?!

They can go get a belt or a neck tie, to hang themselves by/
Like David Carridy, they can go fuck themselves and just die!

  1. Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna)  
Eminem & Rihanna definitely have a hit. I can almost promise this will be a radio single, which is sad for me to say, since I love this song now. Eminem’s verses and Rihanna’s chorus go together so well. The song is about a troubled relationship, and Eminem expresses his hate and his love for his partner. Great lyrics, great track.


"Now you get to watch her leave out the window, guess that's why they call it window pane."

  1. You’re Never Over

Anybody who has love for Eminem will appreciate this song. This is his dedication to Proof. Eminem talks to Proof throughout the song, remembering times they had and how Proof had faith in Em from the beginning. Eminem credits Proof for a lot of his own career, and for the come back he’s making with this album. Besides Eminem singing on the chorus (which I’m sure is for Proof to crack a smile), this song is very good.


  1. Bonus Track

It’s come the time, the final track on a new Eminem cd! You think this is going to be some bullshit? No, this is a song has saws and gremlins in it! With Havok on the beat, Shady lyrically assassinates the track. Nice finale.


Unfashionable, and about as rational, as a rash, in a fags asshole/
Now let’s take that line and run it up the flag pole (with Elton)

It’s time to put the “Math” back in “Mathers”, cuz I’m a fucking problem!”

After about 6 days and over 6 full rotations of Recovery, We’ve decided we're now ready to rate the album. The first thing we took into consideration, is that this is Eminem’s 6th full length album. This is his 6th album! Most artists are lucky to make two good albums, much less a 6th! Not only that, but this album contains some of Marshall’s best work ever made. Some of the verses on this album were beyond dope! This album was oozing with good punch-lines, laugh out loud funny, on tracks like "Almost Famous" and "W.T.P.". Eminem’s put a lot of depth into some of the songs like "25 To Life" or "Not Afraid", and I think anybody could relate to his relationship songs like "Love The Way You Lie" or "Space Bound". Eminem put a lot of time into his lyrics, which is something I highly respect. If you don’t have an appreciation for lyrics on a hip-hop album, you don’t understand the art of hip-hop, period. This album reads like a book, from track 1 to track 17. Eminem doesn’t cease to amaze us once again. This is adventure, where you’re lead by the sober (but never sane) mind of Mr. Marshall Mathers, and trust me the journey is worth taking a few times! This is the best Eminem album since "The Eminem Show". Dead serious. Also this is the best retail hip-hop album of 2010, and will probably sell as so. This is a must-buy for anybody who cares where the direction of hip-hop is going. Thanks for taking the time to check out this review, we hope this was helpful. Enjoy the album!

 9.4/10 (Classic album!)

-Created & KB 619

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