Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drake VS Eminem

Drake's "Thank Me Later" drops on June 15, and Eminem's "Recovery" drops on June 22 (God's/my b-day). Considering the singles from both artists and material they've put out this year, which album do you think will be better, and which will sell more?


  1. My votes both go to Eminem. He ruined that "Dispicable" track the other day (which half the instrumental was Drake's "Over" single), plus the song "Never Again" is going to eventualy be on the list as one of his best songs ever. I love Drake though. Ever since "Room for Improvement" he's came original. But even though EVERYBODY is on his nutts right now, he's the hottest mainstream artist of the moment, and this will be his freshman album, I honestly don't see him out-selling Eminem. Eminem is having a second wind right now and he has a very loyal fan base as well. I think if Eminem wasn't so good at the moment Drake would take it, but that's not the case. Anybody give a f*** what I think?

  2. Well, considering the "Despicable" hype track that had the hip hop sites buzzing and raving about, and the fact that the first single "Not Afraid" was different than his all of his previous first singles and its digital sales made it début on the Billboard Hot 100 in the #1 spot, people (other than his massive fan base) are going to want to hear "Recovery".

    As per Drake, there hasn't been a song of his that has caught my ears other than "Find Your Love". I do believe that if "Thank Me Later" is filled with more songs like this where he caters to his female audience (the majority), his début will have a higher chance of success.

    Results: I can't say which album will be better because musically, the artists are very much different from each other. But I do believe Drake's massive hype surrounding him will hurt him because so much is expected off his "Thank Me Later" that there is a great chance for people to be disappointed. This album should have been released last year when his buzz was at its highest peak.

    Drake: 300,000 ~ 400,000 units sold

    Eminem: 750,000 ~ 800,000 units sold


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