Saturday, December 5, 2009

Katt Williams On Drugs?

First off this has to do with hip hop because Katt Williams use to be Dipset's "Comedian Rapper" (Which is now Mike Epps). But really I just wanted to know if you agree with me. Tell me what you think. In the video above, Katt gets booked for some random shit. His mugshot and the way he sounds is pretty crackhead/tweakerish. You agree? BTW he missed his Conan O'Brien appearance last month, as well as numerous shows on his tour. Does NOT sound like the old Katt we use to know.


  1. yea the whole robery charges sound a bit cracKish y would kat need 3500 in coins doesnt he have millZ. the guys that came to fight him where probb drugg dealers wantin thier money.

    one time me and some friends beat the shit out of this one druggy for 175$ and a hp and he called the cop and said we stole his then we got charged with burgerly and and some other bogus shit. phuK tha popo

  2. i was thinkin that too. so wait the homeboy knew who you were? assaulting somebody for money's a serious charge. and i agree, fuck pigs.


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