Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Album: Gucci Mane - "The State VS Radric James"

Here's the album you're guna be hearin about the next month and all over the radio. I gotta say it goes hard and I'm not a huge fan of Gucci.
Mediafire - Download
Usershare - Download
(Email me if the links get removed)


  1. Not the real thing missing like 8 tracks.

  2. Wrong. This is the real deal, minus 2 interludes. Sorry, not my upload. I'll re-upload with bonus tracks by the 8th.

  3. what so this is suppose to have 22 tracks the one i DLed from here had 20 i thought that was the full

  4. Homie the album's got 20 tracks. The usershare upload has them all, the mediafire upload has 18. I dont get why yall are questioning me, have I ever steared yall wrong? There will be I-Tunes bonus tracks (mite be out there already), but until then you got this. And if you dont believe me...


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