Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brand New Mixtape: What You Need To Be Bangin' Vol. 13

And about 40 minutes later... Vol. 13 and if you didn't get why Adriana Lima is on the cover, it's cuz What You Need To Be Bangin' is girls me and you... should be bangin'... get it? Wait untill the new "What You..." Series. Which will be posted most likely right after this lol.



  1. Why not torrent it so shits top ppl can get this

    thx mang keep it up

  2. i only post torrents on demonoid. it's down right now. do u know another torrent site thats good for posting music?

  3. i dont know a good music torrent site but when demon goes down i use mininova

  4. u can post the album on mininova if you want. just give me credit. demonoid should be up in a week or so... at least i hope. untill than i'm guna post little packs of a few dope new songs every other day on this page

  5. k this new tape(12&13) has some really hot music.
    i hope its up sooner. you can also try if you want but dont think you can upload there to get your name out or somethin


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