Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Video: DMX In Court

Face to face with judge after yesterday's arrest for drug possession and violating probation. I don't think many are surprised about the drug possession, considering he backed out of that UFC fight after claiming he was off crack. What I'm really wondering is how the hell he got his court date the day after his arrest. 3 day min out here in Cali, plus weekends don't count!


  1. He stay fuckin up.

  2. yeah it sucks. honestly i feel bad for him. getting off drugs is hard, especially when you got money like that

  3. I doubt he's still got money "like that." Judging by several of his former mugshots, he doesn't at all looks like someone with money, or at least as much as he had back in the late '90s or early '00s . He's now passed threshold of forgiveness for his actions by his fans and the music industry in general.

    Any time I hear a news story about him, I think to myself "Aw crap, what did they arrest him on now ?" His last solo studio album was released in 2006 and everything has seem to gone downhill from there with him.

  4. Yeah, and if you listened to "Year of the Dog" or whatever that was called, it was pretty garbage. I can see why he started smoking. Naw, but seriously I'm sure X has money, of course not close to what he had, but he's got some to blow still. He's a drug addict, when you're on drugs your appearance is your last concern.

  5. True, but I will say this though, he did look "slightly" better this time around in comparison to the last few time he was booked. I noticed his goatee was lined up recently (2 - 4 days before) and he also had his head newly shaven. Anyways, I digress. Later.


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