Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Album: Tech N9NE - "K.O.D."

Ey, Tech N9ne is infamous for bootlegging his own albums and it's done very well for him. If you like the album, than buy it when you get the chance. If you don't like that I'm bootlegging the album free, fuck off! Tech N9ne's fucking LOADED! Anyway this album is crazy so far! My girls having a Halloween party tomorrow and this is gunna stay in the deck! Plus my boy's being Tech N9ne for Hallowen haha! Now I just need some Carabu Lou!
1. "Show Me a God" A. Yates Matic Lee 3:43
2. "The Warning" S. Watson 0:31
3. "Demons" (featuring Three 6 Mafia) A. Yates, J. Houston, P. Beauregard Matic Lee 5:23
4. "Blackened The Sun" A. Yates 4:26
5. "Strange Music Box" (featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & Krizz Kaliko) A. Yates, K. Mann, S. Watson YoungFyre, Karbon 4:11
6. "Sundae" 0:25
7. "Check Yo Temperature" (featuring Sundae & T-Nutty) A. Yates, S. Austin, T. Jones Jr. YoungFyre 4:32
8. "B. Boy" (featuring Big Scoob, Bumpy Knuckles, Kutt Calhoun & Skatterman) A. Yates, M. Calhoun Jr., S. Ashby Jr., S. Landis YoungFyre, Karbon 5:29
9. "Hunterish" (featuring Irv Da Phenom & Krizz Kaliko) A. Yates, M. Irving Jr., S. Watson YoungFyre 3:47
10. "The Pick Up" A. Yates 1:15
11. "In The Trunk" A. Yates 4:25
12. "Pinocchiho" A. Yates 2:10
13. "Horns" (featuring King Gordy & Prozak) A. Yates, S. Shippy, W. Alford II 3:59
14. "Interview With Jason Whitlock" 2:21
15. "It Was An Accident" (featuring Alan Wayne) A. Yates, Wayne 3:44
16. "Shadows On The Road" A. Yates, S. Watson 3:28
17. "Low" A. Yates, S. Watson 3:33
18. "Messages" 1:38
19. "Killing You" A. Yates, S. Watson 3:36
20. "Leave Me Alone" A. Yates, S. Watson YoungFyre, Karbon 3:52
21. "Prayer - By Brother K.T." K. Taylor 0:42
22. "K.O.D." (featuring Mackenzie O'Guin) A. Yates, B. Fraser, S. Watson 5:14
23. "The Martini" (featuring Krizz Kaliko) A. Yates, S. Watson YoungFyre 5:28
iTunes Pre-Order Bonus Tracks
24. "F.U.N. (Fuck You Niggas)" YoungFyre, Karbon 3:51
25. "Like I Died" 3:54
(If this link doesn't work, let me know. This isn't my link, but I'll post one if this is dead. And just in case this link is dead and you're really feening to hear some K.O.D. and you aint finna wait for me to respond, is hosting this via torrent)

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