Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Album: Kottonmouth Kings - Hidden Stash 420 (2 Discs)

The new one from the Kings. Enjoy.

Disc 1 - Download
Disc 2 - Download


  1. Thx for the link still gonna pick this up when it comes out. Not as many new tracks as i was hoping for though

  2. im deffinently not buying it lol. no hate, check my myspace i been down w kmk since day one. i'm just sooo sick of the shit they been doing the past 4-5 years. seriously sorry daddy x you're just too fucking old, and they use to talk about more than just weed. i'm from cali, these guys are SOO big out here, but their fad big. this album's one of those that i dont support what so ever. hidden stash, r highness, high society, hiddenstash 2 and rollin stoned... in my heart forever. damn i bitch a lot

  3. im basically saying download this for free, not worth the buy

  4. yeah i fell ya six there last couple of albums
    have been more club hype bullshit
    im not hating at all ive been a fan since
    they were rocking spade stickers on the shirt
    ive been a kmk fans since way back in the day
    i just dont think there stuff is worth paying for anymore there huge everywhere now but they forgot about what they started

    have you notice all the new shit d-loc has his hands in MFK his now hostility and a couple other ones one smart bizz man thats a fact i rhink he knows kmks time is comeing to an end soon that cant keep pushing its about to be KING SPADE for a couple years


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